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Only those who are up to date and always reinventing themselves stand out in the market! With that in mind, we have chosen to work with BNB, a cryptocurrency that has shown a growth rate of higher than 1500% in 2021!


Growth and development take time. That is why BNBPROFIT seeks to optimize your time! We use an automated farming system, which offers a yield of up to 2.2% daily.


Working with decentralized assets allows you to achieve levels of success that no other does. Encrypted assets will surprise you in 2021! What are you waiting for to improve your life?

Earn up to 2.2% Everyday!Lucrative Binary PlanDesigned for Growth

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(BNB) Binance Coin

The Hottest Asset in Cryptocurrency!


Native to Binance Coin’s main blockchain, BNB is a product from the company Binance and is already a highly used payment method in the crypto market.


With an appreciation that reached 1,000% in 2021, BNB is the best option for earnings in the short and medium terms

Ways to earn

The BNBPROFIT earnings are based on the new market trend, Swap – decentralized trade of assets – and Yield Farming – long-term decentralized applications, based on smart contracts!

It’s Easy to Start Earning BNB Profit!

Each farming package yields up to 2.2% daily for 90 days!

Package Options

Choose from 9 packages. The higher your package – the higher your affiliate commissions and daily payout*

* 0.1 BNB is an “Active Member” package, allowing you to earn no more than 3% on the binary referral plan and does NOT provide any daily earnings through farming.

Accepted Funding Methods

Register & Fund Your Account

Follow the steps below to get started: 

  1. Go to Buy/Upgrade plan and choose your package.
  2. Choose the currency you want to pay with: BTC, LTC, TRX, USDT, ETH or BNB.
  3. Go back to the Dashboard to grab your referral link (called “indication link“)
  4. Go to settings to activate your 2FA and enter your BNB address for payouts.

Get paid out daily in BNB directly to your wallet!

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How to earn 40 BNB per Day!

If you decide to share the opportunity, you earn even more BNB! To get paid on Binary commissions, sponsor one member on the right and one on the left.

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“Oh my gosh, I can’t SHUT UP about this! 3x Passive income, spillover, decentralized paid directly to your wallet.. this is AMAZING, jump in now yall!”

Mistie F.

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