2.2% on BNB per day!

Automated Yield Farming

BNB Profit: How does it work?

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Binance Coin:

The biggest growth potential in the market!


Native from Binance Coin’s main block chain, BNB is a product from the company Binance and is already a highly used payment method in the crypto market.


With an appreciation that surpassed more than 1,000% in 2021, BNB is the best option for earnings in the short and medium terms.

Ways to earn

The BNBPROFIT earnings are based on the new market trend, Swap – decentralized trade of assets – and Yield Farming – long-term
decentralized applications, based on smart contracts!



Market expertise

Only those who are up to date and always reinventing themselves stand out in the market! With that in mind, we have chosen to work with BNB, a cryptocurrency that has presented a growth bigger than 1,000% in 2021!

Layered Farming

Growth and development take time. That is why BNBPROFIT seeks to optimize your work! It uses an automated farming system, which offers a daily yield that reaches 2.2%, based on the principles of SWAP and YIELD FARM!


Working with decentralized assets allows you to achieve levels of success that no other does. Encrypted assets will surprise you in 2021, and we are willing to be part of this process! What are you waiting for to change your course?


Innovative alternatives to the decentralized market!

As our main proposal for earnings, BNBPROFIT offers its users the farming service based on

the asset Binance Coin (BNB).

You will be able to earn 2.2% every day over the amount applied through the automated
farming service, which uses the basis of Swap (decentralized trade of crypto-assets) and
Yield Farming (application of assets in long-term “pools”) ensuring success to the
applications of our clients!

Be part of this successful industry of the crypto market right now!

Our Plans

Get one of the BNB plans and earn up to 2.2% every day** with
our automated Layered Farming!

*Payment method: BNB
**The Layered Farming will be accounted for from Mondays to Fridays, at 12 AM, Miami time.
***The minimum withdrawal amount is USD 10, without fees. The automated withdrawal is available every day at 5 pm,
Miami time.

To leverage your earnings, BNBPROFIT offers a complete binary plan,
with opportunities for earnings that vary according to your plan.


Binary – 5%

Binary – 6%

Binary – 7%

Binary – 8%

Binary – 10%

Binary – 12%

Binary – 15%

Check an example of how to earn with your network below:

User earnings: 1 BNB in the network!


Team A
15 BNB
Team B
10 BNB


  • The earnings will be 10% (according to the BNB plan) over team B.

  • In the example, the earnings are based on the team with the lower score, team B.