Support & FAQ’s2021-04-30T18:24:39-08:00

Support & FAQ’s

What wallet do I use to send and receive payment?2021-04-29T21:51:37-08:00

We recommend the following wallets to receive withdrawals and to activate plans: Trust Wallet or Exodus Wallet

If you are funding an account using Binance Coin (BNB) – DO NOT not use a wallet which requires that you send the transaction with a MEMO!

How can I earn binary points and how does it work?2021-04-29T21:33:06-08:00

First you must be on an active package. You can activate binary profits by referring two active members on both the left and right side.

When will I start receiving BNB profit into my wallet?2021-04-29T21:07:31-08:00

Your earned balance must be a minimum of $10 for deposits to start rolling into your wallet. So if you enroll with a .5 BNB package or below, it would take 2 days for your balance to reach the $10 minimum for payouts. Expect a deposit the very next day with 1 BNB packages and above.

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